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Why audit your CRM systems?

There is no legal requirement to audit your CRM systems, but given the bad press CRM gets, can you be sure that you are using the system to its full potential? And more importantly, are you getting it right, and therefore building trust amongst your customers?


There is no real need for an accreditation standard, but we are proposing that the CRM Audit logo become part of a move to demonstrate that you are making best use of the systems.


In demonstrating your understanding and best practice in using the CRM systems, you will also be complying with the Data Protection laws, sending only customers who want to deal with you, relevant and timely communications. This in turn will help you build a trusting relationship with your customers.

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Because we understand the principles behind the CRM systems, we can help identify not only how you can use them legally, but also enhance the databases and increase your ROI on your campaigns. This audit will help you fulfil the potential of the system.