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Welcome to CRM Audit. Read anything in the business press today, and Customer Relationship Marketing or CRM is getting a raw deal.


If undertaken correctly, CRM is a valuable asset to your business and its performance. Unfortunately, the industry has been plagued with disingenuous sales people and companies who can and will only sell a 'one-size fits all' package, benefiting them, but leaving a bad taste in the mouths of companies and their sponsors.

Get up close and personal


CRM allows you to understand your customers. What really makes them tick? What do they think of you? How do they want to be treated? If you have a small group of customers, you may get away with a paper log of preferences and a good memory, but if your have ambitions for your company, you want to expand your customer base, employ more support staff - all of whom need the same insight!


We have developed a CRM Audit that will identify what you are doing well, what you are doing badly, and how you can best utilise your systems (whether you have a full-blown CRM system or not) to maximise your profits. Call us today to get a CRM Audit.